About us

About Us

We are a specialized boutique factory bringing you the best artisanal Italian Gelato, Sorbet and Frozen Desserts. Our Chefs use traditional recipes and methods to produce fresh and healthy gelato products on a daily basis, respecting the Italian savoir-faire.

We supply bespoke flavors to renowned ice cream parlors, premier gourmet outlets, restaurants and hotels; and we now appear in the menu of many of the finest venues. Our storage, delivery and logistics are designed to reach every corner of the Emirate and our team works seamlessly to provide you the best.

We offer consultancy on menu creation, storage, and service. If you are planning on starting a Gelataria or include gelato in your restaurant menu, we can provide you an entire solution, complete with suggestions on storage, flavors, toppings, service suggestions. To discuss how to have our gelato on your menu, please write to us at taste@bacio-gelato.com or call us at
052 9933492

Our Endless range…will entice all your senses. Over a period of time, we have developed over 80 flavors and are constantly developing new flavors and frozen desserts’ to meet the varied demands of our customers.Our chefs personally develop, test and taste all flavors that come out of the Bacio Lab and this has led us to develop some enchantingfavorites like Biscotti, Date, Rose Pistachio, Saffron, Lotus, Mastic Pistachio, Ricotta, Cherry Cheesecake, Karak Tea to name a few.

HACCP CERTIFICATION… is a reflection of our commitment towards food safety & health. Food Safety is Bacio Gelato's number one priority! We actively promote a culture of Food Safety within our company. This is defined and supported by top management through our Food Safety Policy.
We have an experienced and qualified Quality Assurance team on site that ensures full compliance of HACCP standards within our food safety management system. We conduct thorough due diligence on our suppliers and apply stringent controls in the selection and approval of products. We assure you that the products you are buying are safe and all risks are controlled throughout the cycle of creating our world-class preparations.