Pick from our tempting selection of over 80 different flavors and find your favourites. Enjoy our fruity frozen yogurts and tangy sorbets, as well as our creamy gelato cones, our refreshing popsicles and icicles and delicious sugar-free and fat free ice creams.
Take your pick from a huge range of creative flavor combination, made only with the very freshest local ingredients. Some of our all-time favourites include…


Do you know that pistachio gelato is considered as “THE KING OF GELATO” by Italians? Pistachio is a special product, characterized by a high energy content and protein value, able to challenge even the most demanding palates. At Bacio, we use the best pistachio nuts from Sicilian region of Italy to produce a fine blend of sophistication and flavor.We enhance the natural flavors of Pistachio Gelato by serving it with homemade honey and crushed pistachio pralines. And for the real sweet-toothed, there is the version with chocolate topping that creates a pleasant contrast.


If you haven’t tried the Bacio Hazelnut, you are truly missing something in life. The rich flavor of toasted nuts freshly churned with cold milk and cream is heavenly.Hazelnut is often combined with chocolate, but it can be enjoyed just as much on its own! Perfect for a hot summer day, and just as perfect in winters. If the idea of eating ice cream in winters makes you shiver: Brew yourself a nice strong cup of espresso. Sweeten it with sugar and, while it’s still hot, drop in a small scoop of your gelato allanocciola, now you’ve made yourself anaffogato al caffè.


Fragola, fraise and fresa – do you speak strawberry? Although the words for strawberry are similar in Italian, French and Spanish, the taste differs due to quality. At Bacio, we blend the best quality juicy strawberries to give you the freshest strawberry sorbetto and that’s what makesthis a big favorite with our customers.


Sweet and juicy, with a unique almost peach-like taste, this fruit is now considered a “super fruit” and the perfect addition to the list of our traditional flavors. Mango has recently become a favorite flavor in gelato shops across the world. Bacio Mango has an intense flavor that’s airy and extremely refreshing, reminiscent of a breezy summer day.


A classic and all-time favorite among children as well as adults, this is one of the finest gelato flavors that you could have possibly tasted. With a mousse like texture; soft serve and loaded with nuts it is filled with chocolaty goodness. Definitely a must try for all you chocolate lovers.


Rich and savory, the Bacio tartufo or truffle is a combination of creamy hazelnut and chocolate with a gooey chocolate sauce in the centre, finished with a coating of dark cocoa that melts in the mouth. Wrapped like little presents, these gelato dessert parcels will take your breath away.

Gelato World Tour - 3rd Place

(February 2014 - Dubai )

Sixteen of the best gelato artisans chefs from the Middle East competed to create the world’s best gelato flavour. After attracting almost 350,000 visitors in its first three stages in Rome, Valencia and Melbourne, the Gelato World Tour – organized by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep-Rimini Fiera, in collaboration with IFI and MEC3 and in association with Franchise Middle East and DESITA– brought the culture of fresh and high-quality artisanal food to Dubai for the first time.

Inside each scoop…

100 % natural:
No artificial colorants, additives or preservatives


Bacio Gelato Carts

Make your celebrations sweeter….You can add an old fashioned taste of Italy to your happy occasions with our special celebration gelato packages.

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Bacio Gelato Vintage Truck

The Bacio Gelato Vintage Truck is unique as it is the first Italian ice cream vintage truck in the UAE catering to weddings’, commercial launches, birthday parties, corporate events.

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